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“There was a former Ogboni member that I converted. I can’t say I have any regrets because such is part of my calling,” he added. Confirming Okoh’s claims, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, said investigations were ongoing.

Initially, I was initiated into the Aborigi­ne Ogboni fraternity, that is the one they call Ogboni Ibile, but later I joined Saala Ogboni fraternity, and since I made that decision, I have no regret. As a member of Ogboni fraternity, my life is having a meaning. I have prospered. My coast has been enlarged.

List of general fraternities. A fraternity or fraternal organization is an organized society of men associated together in an environment of companionship and.

Dec 14, 2014  · Analysis – Held in awe by many, misunderstood by most, the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity, nevertheless thrives on a wave of controversy. In its 100th year.

In Akure, capital city of Ondo State, the Traditionalists across the country converged weekend for the burial of President of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity

Ogboni, as a group, means different things to different people. News Editor, Ajibola Abayomi, was the guest of President General of Ogboni Aborigine, the first.

Ogboni fraternity, Benin-City. 794 likes. we are located worldwide; we believe in the fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man.

June 28, 2014 – Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity Of Nigeria Member Invites Nigerian Pastors To Meeting Excerpt from a recent interview with an Ogoboni

Members of the Ogboni Fraternity in 1959, a year before Nigeria became independent. The secrets of the Ogboni are closely-guarded from the uninitiated. Laws of morality for the Ogbonis are derived from the Earth and the ancestors and not the gods (orishas).

Initially, I was initiated into the Aborigi¬ne Ogboni fraternity, that is the one they call Ogboni Ibile, but later I joined Saala Ogboni fraternity,

March 29, 2014 – Confession Of Former Ogboni Cultist Group Member In Nigeria I joined Ogboni ‘Cos I Wanted Riches His desperation to acquire wealth

Although Ogboni Fraternity started out as secret cult indigenous to the Yorubas of southwestern Nigeria, Benin Republic and Togo, it has expanded over time to become a more dynamic institution to accommodate members from diverse backgrounds.

Reformed Ogboni Fraternity also known as ROF was established in the year 1914 by an Anglican priest, Reverend Thomas Adesina Jacobson Ogunbiyi who reformed the rituals and symbols of Aboriginal Ogboni Fraternity which is also known as A.O.F.

The Reformed Ogboni Confraternity Incorporated was established in December 18, 1914. So, 2014 makes it a 100 years since it was formed. Since its establishment, the fraternity has gone through diffrent experiences. The ROF was started by less than 10 people.

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The Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity Worldwide has become a Fraternity Committee to encourage Individual personal self Development of its Member Worldwide/Nationwide. In Aborigine Ogboni our major aims and objectives based on assisting each other with resolving lifes excruciating problems and maintain peaceful co-existence between.

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Jun 27, 2012  · Festival de Ogboni 2011 – Duration: 2:21. Jose Hidalgo Ifatokun Itaniyi 21,198 views. 2:21.

As various dignitaries from all walks of like visited Ile Ife to pay homage to Oba Okunade Sijuwade, Ooni of Ife, members of the Ogboni fraternity also joined the.